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Excelling 2.6.1

Hello all,

Excelling 2.6.1 has been submitted to the the App Store. This release improves stability, has several under the hood improvements and updates a few formula examples.

Thank you for using Excelling!


Denarius 1.1.2 now available!

Hello all,

Today we're almost a month after Denarius 1.0 release, so how did it go? Overall I'm very happy with the reception it has had, downloads are above expectations!

Since release I've been regularly updating Denarius to polish some rough edges and fix bugs that slipped testing. At 1.1.2 I believe we got it nailed down, find a summary of all changes done to this point:

-Improved: Better handling of Date data entries.
-Improved: Spending has been renamed to Expenses.
-Improved: Yearly balance estimated line is now darker.
-Improved: Change renamed to Savings.
-Improved: Dismiss button no longer appears in Keywords view.
-Improved: First launch experience improvements.
-Improved: Better quality toolbar icons.
-Fixed: Corrected bug where incorrect estimation would be shown in yearly balance graph.
-Fixed: Corrected bug where estimation in yearly balance graph would not always appear.

Again, thanks a lot for using Denarius, if you would have any feedback, get in touch!

Not used Denarius yet? Check it out here, it's free.


Denarius 1.0 released!

Hello all!

I'm super excited to finally be able to tell you about Denarius. For years I controlled my personal finances with excel, existing Mac apps had a lot to offer but they required a lot of micromanagement as well. My goal for Denarius was simple: the app should tell you all you need to know with minimal effort.

I hope you like it, you can know all about it here. Get it from the App Store.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Excelling 2.5

Excelling 2.5 is live on the App Store.

This release improves stability and updates some formula examples.

Thank you for using Excelling.