Denarius - Keep your finances in check. Effortlessly.

Controlling your finances should not be a hurdle. See where you stand in one view, take decisions and move on with your life.

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Transaction Categories

Automatically classify your transactions in categories, allowing you to quickly spot where your money is spent. Just choose the keywords you want to map and you're all set.

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Transaction Types

Not all spending is equal: there is "Fix" spending, that must be fulfilled every month, like a loan, phone bills, or subscriptions. And there is "Varaible", the one that may change significantly on monthly basis, like shopping, eating out or travel.

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CSV Importing

CSV Support is built in. Load a valid file (containing three columns: Date, Concept and Value) and, after analysis, a summary view will be shown for your final edits / validation. Potential duplicates automatically appear greyed out.

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Using Withdrawed Cash

If you paid with withdrawn cash just click the "vs Withdrawed Cash" checkbox to avoid double counting.

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Income, Spending and Balance Evolution

Easily balance your account by looking at your monthly cashflow, income vs. spending, current savings and yearly account balance evolution.

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Multiple Account Integration

If more than one bank account is added you can view the accounts individually or grouped. Money transfers between your accounts, if assigned the "Internal Transfer" category, will not appear in the "All Accounts" view to avoid double counting.

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Smart Keywords

Just enter a "keyword" and add its "category" and "type". Transactions will be scanned for matching keywords and, when one is identified, they will be automatically assigned the type and category you typed.

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Data is stored in your Mac

All transactions are stored safely in your local machine, no data is uploaded to remote servers or shared over the network.

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